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The Child Rights and Child Protection (CRCP) section is to provide a comprehensive base of knowledge regarding CRCP in India, regionally and internationally.
The section is for students, scholars, field workers, CHILDLINE staff and partners, and people generally interested in CRCP. The section discusses the various issues faced by children in the world and specifically in India.
It outlines the various policy, legislature, programmes and budgetary allocations for children in India and connects these efforts to state, national, regional and international bodies and commitments.
The section also brings you an extensive library of downloadable files. The purpose of this section is to locate crucial information about CRCP in one space so as to make understanding and internalizing the concepts and commitments of this country and the world a simple process that is available to all.
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I. Child Protection and Rights - Details
II. Child in India
III. Vulnerable Children
IV. National Mechanisms
V. State Mechanisms
VI. Regional Mechanisms
VII. International Mechanisms
VIII. Child Budgeting
IX. Acknowledgements
X. Additional Resources